Shield: argent a winged natural panther passant Sable stood on in base a sword Or fess wise pointed to dexter and on a chief enarched Murrey two crosses flory having two bezants between their upper most arms.

Claim of arms

The Bekulov family Coat of Arms are legally owned by their founder, Kiril M. Bekulov (1991), and their creator, Alexander I. Kurov (1973). The right to claim, bear, publish and use these Arms (or their fragments) also extends to all preceding, current, and future family members and relatives, who (1) officially bear the Bekulov family name as their own and (2) are directly related, either by blood or marriage, to the bearer(s) of the Arms. The use of these Arms (or their fragments) by those not eligible shall be treated as an infringement of intellectual property.